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An Effective Development Tool

The Life Skills Productions team has a wealth of experience producing films that support organizations working in the social sector. These compelling films have proven to be effective development tools; often used to raise funds, inspire stake-holders, recruit staff, and educate the public about their work.

Perhaps those of you who work for social sector organizations have found it challenging to present your story in a way that allows those outside of your organization to really “get” what you are about. We have found that while every organization has a spirit, an energy, an essence, that is uniquely its own, it can be difficult to communicate that unique spirit to others.

The power of film is its ability to convey what is distinct and special about an organization in an emotionally compelling way, thereby creating a stronger call to action. By combining the elements of sight, sound, motion, and emotion, film offers you the ability to transport your audience to the environment where your work takes place and introduce them in a more personal way to the people whose lives you are changing.
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Your film can be used as an introduction to a live presentation, or made available for viewing on your website. Shorter versions of your film can be strategically placed on the internet to drive viewers to your website.

All of these benefits can be achieved at a lower cost then you may think. Funding a film projects lends itself to raising funds over and above your normal operating budget, as your key supporters often become particularly enthused by the unique opportunity film can offer.

The basic questions to consider when considering a film about your organization are:

  • What do you want your film to accomplish for your organization?
  • Who is the target audience for your film?
  • What do you want your target audience to understand or feel about your organization through watching your film?
  • What action do you want your audience to take after watching your film?
  • What are three to five core points about your work that you want your audience to take from your film?
  • What story can you tell about your organization that will best help you make those points?

An experienced producer can guide you through the process to help you determine the best story to tell about your organization. This process works best as a partnership between producer and key staff. The decision as to the best story to tell will inform choices of locations, characters, length, and shoot schedule.

Film is the most influential communications medium in the world. It’s flexible, affordable, and can leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer. The resources required to produce your film are an investment in building a stronger future for your organization. One that can pay for itself many times over, even during difficult times.

Through a well produced short film, you can most effectively present the opportunities that involvement with your organization offers. Consider the possibilities when planning your next campaign.