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Life Skills Education

Manifesto for a Movement

Monday, November 30, -1

A national commitment to Life Skills Education is the single most impactful action that we, as a nation, can take to improve the quality of life for all Americans. Insuring that everyone is empowered with the basic skills of day to day living will do more to transform our society than anything else we can do. Life Skills Education is easy to understand, cost effective, and available to all regardless of socio-economic status. The basics can be incorporated into our education system and amplified through public service campaigns supported by our business, political, media and academic institutions. The goal of [...] read more

Changing Behavior: The Financial Education Challenge

By George Araneo

Monday, November 30, -1

Curt Lansbery, CEO of North American Tool, was frustrated that his employees weren’t maxing out their 401(k) investments. Participation was low, even though the company matched a portion of the employees contribution. So, one year, at the annual 401(k) enrollment meeting, he brought in a big bag, unzipped it, and upended it over a table. Cash started pouring out. Conversation came to a halt. Lansbury had tabulated  exactly how much money his employees had failed to claim the year prior: $9,832. “This is your money. It should be in your pocket. Next year do you want it on the table or [...] read more

The Power of Story to Impact Long-Term Memory

Case Study: It’s A Wonderful Life

Monday, November 30, -1

You would think that a film which American cinema icons, Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart, considered their personal favorite would have been a certified box office success. However, for their film, It’s A Wonderful Life this was hardly the case. Released in 1946, the film barely recovered its cost, and was quickly forgotten. Yet, today it is considered an American film classic. Ranked #11 on AFI’s list of the 100 greatest American films, it has become a part of our cultures Christmas tradition. All this begs the question, how did this transformation happen? What is the story [...] read more

An Effective Development Tool

Monday, November 30, -1

The Life Skills Productions team has a wealth of experience producing films that support organizations working in the social sector. These compelling films have proven to be effective development tools; often used to raise funds, inspire stake-holders, recruit staff, and educate the public about their work. Perhaps those of you who work for social sector organizations have found it challenging to present your story in a way that allows those outside of your organization to really “get” what you are about. We have found that while every organization has a spirit, an energy, an essence, that is uniquely its own, [...] read more

The Nature of the Moving Image

Monday, November 30, -1

I had just landed my first job in broadcast television as an account executive; one who sells commercial time to local businesses and advertising agencies. The time was pre-digital revolution, and broadcast television was the dominant form of mass communication media in our culture. My new employer was a start-up independent television station; we weren’t even on the air yet. Consequently, we were an inexperienced staff and needed to learn the basics of the business. Our sales manager set up a series of training sessions where we learned the lexicon of our craft: ratings, shares, huts, and puts. Pretty basic [...] read more